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Explosions in Thailand: seven victims, tens wounded

At explosion of the mined car in the city of Yala in the south of Thailand not less than seven people, according to recent data, were lost.

According to the local police, more than 70 people with wounds are delivered in hospitals. Two more explosions occurred in other cities in the south of the country, on available data, victims and victims aren’t present.

Since 2004 in the south of Thailand where bases of Malayan radical Islamists are located, quite often there are the collisions some thousand people became which victims.

Though fighters didn’t proclaim any definite and far-reaching purposes, it is known about their discontent with the relation from the Buddhist majority – Muslims consider themselves as victims of prosecutions and repressions.

As it was reported earlier, on March 20, in the ninth anniversary of the beginning of invasion of armies of the USA and their allies to Iraq, in several Iraq cities the explosions, at least, 29 people became which victims thundered.