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You can’t concentrate at anything. Nothing concerns you, nothing pleases. The only desire is to possess the object of your dreams.   Do you know this feeling? Yes, it’s the brightest of all human experience. It’s amorousness.

What is amorousness?

A cute emotional experience, an attraction to the object of sexual choice is called amorousness. This feeling differs from the state of love. Love is a constant and lasting emotional condition. Amorousness tends to rapid saturation and extinction.

Amorousness is an individual feature of a person. It depends on perception of the intimate partner. Herewith, a person principally allocates external features and qualities.

Love or amorousness

Amorousness can’t last for a long time. It can disappear or transfer into a steady feeling of love. At the same time acute experience may be lost. And you accept your beloved as a nice reliable friend and not as a sexual partner only. You appreciate your partner’s intellect, moral traits and ability of cooperation and empathy.

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