Fighting Scammers on Jump4Love

The dating website pays great attention to the fight against scammers.

  • All women registered at our site go through a strict selection: treaties are concluded, documents identifying personality are checked, video confirmations are presented, etc.
  • There is an adaptive intellectual expert system of correspondence and chat content analysis working on the site. The system allows revealing and preventing any possible kinds of fraud or scam.
  • The administration of the site carefully checks every report suspecting scam and takes necessary measures for punishing. Our clients’ security is a matter of the first and foremost importance for us. We are grateful to our clients for being responsible by letting us know about possible cases of scam. Potential crimes should be taken care of before they can happen. When we unite our efforts, we gain the most effective results.
  • If a girl somehow persuades you to send her any money or if you’ve got any doubts in her honesty, send a report about this fact to the Support and help to make the site absolutely free of scammers.

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