The police detained and sent “Breyvik’s mistress” from Norway

The authorities of Norway deported the citizen of Germany who declared that is Anders Breyvik’s accused of murder of 77 people beloved from the country.

About it reports today the Norwegian TV channel TV2.

Process over the terrorist began in Oslo on Monday, this day the German, the inhabitant of Stuttgart, tried to get to a court building.

“She wanted to get to a court building to see Breyvik. She argued that is its beloved”, – quotes TV channel of the representative of police of Oslo.

As the building of court is under special protection, policemen didn’t pass the woman. According to her statement, from Germany to Oslo she arrived to see Breyvik specially.

The police detained the woman, and on Tuesday evening it was sent from Norway. Night before it to it should be carried out in a pre-trial detention center.

According to German policemen, the lady is under supervision of law enforcement agencies already for some time and several times broke a law and order in the homeland.

Before mass media reported that a certain lady from Germany wrote to Breyvik to prison of the letter and sent money. While it is not known, whether is the native of Stuttgart sent from Norway and the unknown sympathizing the same person.

Breyvik is accused of the organization of double act of terrorism on July 22 the past year as a result of which 77 people were killed. It is supposed that court sessions in the matter of Anders Breyvik will last till June 22. Breyvik in court declared that it is necessary either to acquit him, or to sentence to death as in its case long prison term is “pity punishment”.

In Oklahoma arrested two Afro-Americans suspected of murders

In the American state of Oklahoma the police arrested the two white men suspected of a series of armed attacks on the Afro-Americans.

Three attacks in the Afro-American districts of the city of Tulsa were made on April 6, two more – next day.

Three black citizens and two more were as a result killed – wounded.

The detainee are threatened by charge of murder based on racial hatred.

Let’s remind, in March in the USA scandal inflamed after patrolman George Cimmerman during fight killed the 17-year-old black teenager. The policeman volunteer started in pursuit to pursue Treyvon Martin, having decided that that looks suspiciously.

Treyvon Martin’s relatives are convinced that the policeman applied the weapon not with a view of self-defense as the black teenager left in shop behind candies and soda and wasn’t going to attack anybody.

Explosions in Thailand: seven victims, tens wounded

At explosion of the mined car in the city of Yala in the south of Thailand not less than seven people, according to recent data, were lost.

According to the local police, more than 70 people with wounds are delivered in hospitals. Two more explosions occurred in other cities in the south of the country, on available data, victims and victims aren’t present.

Since 2004 in the south of Thailand where bases of Malayan radical Islamists are located, quite often there are the collisions some thousand people became which victims.

Though fighters didn’t proclaim any definite and far-reaching purposes, it is known about their discontent with the relation from the Buddhist majority – Muslims consider themselves as victims of prosecutions and repressions.

As it was reported earlier, on March 20, in the ninth anniversary of the beginning of invasion of armies of the USA and their allies to Iraq, in several Iraq cities the explosions, at least, 29 people became which victims thundered.

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5 Difficulties to Find Their Other Half for Older People

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